The right-wing with millions in tax haven while the people eat bones

The leak of the “pandora papers” has put several Latin American government figures in the crosshairs. Highlights include Paulo Guedes, Minister of Economy and Roberto Campos, President of the Central Bank, respectively. Guedes maintains an offshore company in a tax haven, located in the British Virgin Islands, with US$9.55 million and Roberto Campos, an offshore company, but in Panama, with a capital of US$1.09 million.

In an article by the brazilian newspaper Metrópoles, several figures from the right appeared in the revealed documents, people like Guillermo Lasso, the president of Ecuador, with an offshore location in Panama, former English prime minister Tony Blair and his wife, Cherie, became the owners of an $8.8 million Victorian house by acquiring the British Virgin Islands company.

The right in several countries around the world is on the CIA’s payroll, its subordinates, responsible for contributing and articulating coups around the world, aiming to overthrow sovereign governments that restrict, even partially, foreign capital, their accomplices, often are rewarded with fame, money and privileges, as in the case of former judge Sergio Moro, who currently lives in the United States, partner-director of a consulting firm.

Tax havens are used for money laundering, tax evasion, or both at the same time; no wonder, nefarious figures on the right use such accounts to hide their corruption schemes, while their money is in paradise, the country is in hell hunger ravages Brazil, returning at a brutal level, due to unemployment and subsalaries for workers , which find themselves increasingly in the hole with the advance of the liberal policy implemented by Guedes. The population is impoverishing extremely quickly and the products in the basic food basket are becoming more expensive at the same speed, supermarkets offer butcher’s leftovers, bones, meat and fat and some offer leftovers in trays for sale, thanks to liberal policy. For the capitalists, enemies of the people, strangling the population is the advantageous, profitable, industrial army of reserve profit, lower wages and the highest profit possible.

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