Housing Issue

03/17 Its going be the beginning of the mobilization for the housing policy

Workers want a dignified life right here and right now!

On March 17th , 2022, the urban and rural popular movement will carry out a broad mobilization of its leaders and its base, in the whole country, aiming to extend the plead ADPF* 828/2021, which forbids certain evictions until March 31, 2022.

In this year of 2022, this will be, along the March 8th mobilization, the most important agenda of the national left since the beginning of the year, an initiative that relatively combats the paralysis of the left and the usual euphoria mood of recent electoral processes.

Contrary to the “line of least resistance” of the petty bourgeoisie, those who think that the mobilization against the evictions and for the extension of ADPF 828/2021 should be a mere protocol movement or that it should be restricted to only preventing evictions during the pandemic period; it is necessary to take advantage of this opportunity to start a great process of mobilization of the popular movement and the left as a whole, to put on the schedule of the political agenda of the country; the debate and the struggle for a housing policy and a project of nation, which the workers long for. A project that truly embraces what our people need!

Beyond the increase from 123,000 families, to 132,000, from 2021 to 2022, who are at risk of eviction; and the evident increase in the homeless population, and consequently, of evictions.
In 2021 we saw the consolidation of the destruction of housing policy in the country, especially on the issue of the right to housing.

Bolsonaro and the group of neoliberals that support his government have ended the “Minha Casa, Minha Vida”* program, and the budget that once was R$20.9 billion (2015), dropped to R$800 million (2021).

The congress that postponed for almost two years the approval of the Law of Zero Eviction in urban areas, was the same one that quickly approved the privatization of basic sanitation, destroying the possibility for 100 million Brazilians who don’t have sewage collection and 35 million who don’t have access to drinking water, to have access to these constitutional rights.

We saw public transportation fares and fuel, rising like a hypersonic missile from the North Korean comrades. Likewise for energy and water rates, with the end of the “Light for All” Program, and the sale of our aquifers. The privatization of basic sanitation. All of this as a result of the privatization process of the state-owned companies and territories.

We saw thousands being excluded from the right to work, to retirement, and having to submit to informality, or to the condition of beggars.

The national left does not have the right to turn its back on these comrades who are being crushed. They need immediate answers!

And the left, which claims to represent their interests, cannot put this off for a future in the kingdom of heaven, for when it is convenient for our tormentors and they want to give us the crumbs that fall from their filthy plates! The working men and women want to have a dignified life here and now!

ADPF (Allegation for Non-Compliance of Fundamental Precept)
*My Home, My Life

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