All support for Hamas! All support for the Palestinian resistance!

In 1948, a European people occupied Palestine, with the full connivance of imperialism
carrying out an ethnic cleansing of hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs. The Jewish
created the State of Israel one of the greatest crimes against humanity in history.

Over the last 75 years, the people of Palestine have become the most oppressed on the planet.
difficult to find words to describe their suffering. The Palestinian people are a

More than seven decades of military occupation, imprisonment, torture, assassinations, bombings and the imposition of absolute misery. The State of Israel was able to create the largest concentration camp in history, the Gaza Strip, with more than 2 million people.

Faced with such oppression, Palestinians have organized various resistance organizations. At the moment, the most important, most radical organization leading their struggle is Hamas, the Islamic Resistance Movement. It is a political party that has its own military arm to fight Israel’s fascist army. It was Hamas that launched the grandiose Operation Al-Aqsa Flood on October 7, which, for the first time in its history, invaded Israeli territory. The initial victory of the operation was considered a
a gigantic military and political disaster for Israel and therefore a huge victory for the Palestinians.

Now, in retaliation, Israel has launched one of the most criminal bombings in history.
Comparable to the bombings carried out in the Second World War by imperialism on civilian targets. Not only has Israel created a huge concentration camp, it is also bombing it is a policy of a terrorismstate. It is almost impossible to describe the
brutality imposed by the Zionists on Palestine.

In this sense, there is no other way around it. We must declare our full support for the Palestinian struggle and especially the struggle of Hamas, the party that leads the people in the fight for their national liberation. Hamas at this moment is the vanguard of all the oppressed on the planet in the struggle against imperialism. For this reason, the entire block imperialist had unified to support Israel in a monstrous way.

End of the State of Israel! For the creation of the State of Palestine!

The State of Israel is not a real nation, it is a military base of imperialism in the Middle East.
A base created on top of Palestinian territory that by its mere existence oppresses
more than 14 million Palestinians. Not to mention all the oppression that imperialism imposes throughout the Middle East. The domination of this region of prime importance is imperialist domination of the entire planet. As Joe Biden said: “If there were no Israel, we’d have to invent an Israel!” This is what imperialism did in 1948.

The State of Israel, therefore, is an abomination, one of the greatest crimes against humanity carried out by imperialism. For this reason alone, it must be completely
dismantled. All the Arab peoples who are fighting for their liberation have as one of their main objectives the expulsion of imperialism from the Middle East. This means the withdrawal of
from Syria, Iraq and, above all, the end of the State of Israel.

But beyond the international issue, the very confrontation between the native Palestinian population and the Palestinians and the Zionist occupiers can only be resolved with the end of the State of Israel. For better or for worse. The current political trend is for oppressed peoples to destroy Israel militarily, which would end in a great slaughter of the Jews. A
The other option is to dismantle the entire structure of the State of Israel, as was done in apartheid South Africa, but even more thoroughly.

The only solution in which the Jews will not all be expelled or murdered is a secular state of Palestine. In such a state, all Palestinians would have the right to return to their land and govern the country. The minority of Jews who still wanted to live in Palestine
should live like any other minority, having all their rights respected and participating in politics as a minority sector. This, of course, after the Palestinians take back all the land they were expelled from.

This democratic solution, however, is only possible if Zionism and the imperialism are defeated. As long as the Zionists remain in control of the State of Israel, they will
will continue to stimulate the war to the last consequences. This
leads to monstrous oppression of the Palestinians. But in the end it will inevitably lead to the
annihilation of a huge sector of the Israeli population.

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