By claiming the termination of the state of Israel we mean

Rui Costa Pimenta, National President of Workers’ Cause Party ( Partido da Causa Operária, PCO) , twitter:

Ignorance is not a big problem. The big problem is someone persisting ignorantly in error, incapable of overcoming her or his lack of knowledge. Let us contribute to raise the cultural level of humankind about the state of Israel issue:

1)      State and People are two different things. A State is a political organization, a special entity within a given nation-state or people.

2) By claiming the termination of the state of Israel we mean putting in place an alternate form of state organization, NOT wiping out the Jewish people.
Here’s an example: *Up to 1991, there existed a State named USSR. That State disappeared and gave birth to independent countries such as the Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus etc. It seems to me that the people of that state (USSR) were not exterminated when that state disappeared.
We want a plurinational Palestinian state, a lay and democratic state for all the inhabitants of that region, Jewish and Palestinian. *

3)      The *State of Israel is not a historical phenomenon. It is a 75 years old artificial creation founded against the will of most of the people who lived in that region in 1948.*

4)      The State of Israel was not created by the historical dwellers of that region. Most of the Jews who founded it came from Europe just before or soon after World War II. They were not Palestinian, but rather European who occupied the land of the Palestinian, with the military and financial aid of the imperialism.

5)      The State of Israel was created based on a fierce and systematic ethnical cleansing of the region, aiming at the elimination of the local population, the Palestinians. The number of Palestinians expelled is greater than that of Palestinians living in Palestine – an outcome of systematic terrorism, murdering, destruction of villages, bombing and so on.

6)      The Jews that supported such a crime are not representatives of the entire Jewish community: they are those who identify with Zionism, supporters of a particular ideology. Before the arrival of the Zionist, Jews and Palestinians lived there with no great attrition. The Zionist troops were created and trained as special forces by the English during World War II. Both the forces of world imperialism and « communists » supported the Zionists. During the war to establish the state of Israel, the weapons were provided by Czechoslovakia, which means by Stalin.

7)      After the foundation of the State of Israel, the Zionist started an ethnic cleansing campaign to rid the region of its Palestinian population. 

8)      Such activities, worthy of the German nazis, were covered up with the aid of an emotional exploitation of the Nazi genocide against the Jews. 

9)      The Palestinians are the most persecuted people on the planet today. Hamas’ reaction in this regard is perfectly understandable and even moderate. Hatred of Jews, who pay the price of a Zionist policy, is a natural consequence of 75 years of acts of torture against an entire people.

11) To better understand, answer the following question: if you, a Brazilian, suddenly saw Brazil invaded by a large wave of Europeans and these Europeans invented the story that “god” had promised them Brazil, and began to kill Brazilians, expel them from their own homeland, kill and bomb those people, how would you react? Would you support the Europeans? Would you propose a pacifying attitude? Wouldn’t you feel hatred? Would you believe in the sad story of a «God» promising your homeland to another people? Or would you oppose armed resistance against the invaders?

Translated by Maria Betânia Ferreira Champagne

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