Maurício Souza and the identitarism inquisition

Once again the petty left wing bourgeoisie joined a virtual lynching campaign. Since last year, several public figures have been attacked by a portion of hysterical leftists. This time the target was Mauricio Souza a professional volleyball player.

The hysteria created by the left wing would indicate that the player assaulted a homosexual or something like that, but he just expressed an opinion on his social networks. In his Twitter account, referring to the new DC Comics comic where Superman’s son is bisexual he reflected, “where will this all end up?” Indicating that he thought it was not correct for such a character to be bisexual neither it should be expressed in a comic.

That was enough to get him kicked out of his team and the Brazilian national team. The decision was made by FIAT and Gerdau, owners of the Minas team ,were Souza played. We, from PCO, consider this a grave situation. Despite being a Bolsonaro supporter, our response should not rely on that when analizing the situation. Although we do not agree with his opinion, disregarding the fact that what he said is just an opinion, it is a serious error . None of the left wing parties and organizations should be against free of speech.

The petty bourgeois applauded Souza’s dismiss of the team by their sponsors. For that small bourgeoisie this should be the treatment given to whom to express an opinion contrary to them. It’s about criminalizing an opinion that was just said. Supporting this is an error and will quickly turn against the left itself. Very easily the bourgeoisie can decide that the defense of communism, for example, can be a crime.

The effect of the attack on Mauricio Souza, where elements defended even his arrest, was the contrary to what some expected. Although he is still without a club to play, his social media networks skyrocketed from 200,000 followers to 2 million followers. It’s not that hard to understand the result. The left wing is pushing a portion of the population into the arms of the right wing, who appears as a defender of freedom of speech and against these arbitrary actions against the individual.

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