National Plenary “Out Bolsonaro, Lula President” and the “broad front”

The real fight against Bolsonaro should be lead by the elements who compose the Red Bloc and those who oppose “broad-front” politics. While the “broad front” exponents ended the act of November 15th, afraid that the right wing could not go to the act without being squashed, by first switching it to November 20th and then by completely giving up on the idea of the act; the organizations that build up the Red Bloc will hold a National Plenary Session.

The disparity of the two policies, lead by the left wing, is explicit . While the PSOL votes in favour of PEC 5, the PCdoB cancels the acts and both applaud Alexandre de Moraes Supreme Court Minister, the PCO and a left wing of the PT among popular movements are gathering to elaborate the program of struggle for next year.

It is important to highlight the audios that were leaked last week of banker André Esteves, where he makes it clear that the bourgeoisie is already in a very well-assembled strategy: they have plenty of time to organize the “third way “ and even if they fail to launch a candidate they certainly will support Bolsonaro apart of doing anything to prevent Lula from emerge victorious.

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