New hero of the left wing, Alexandre de Moraes, The Supreme Court Minister, proved to be a scammer

The Minister of the Supreme Court, Alexandre de Moraes, who was placed as hero of the petty bourgeoisie for having attacked irrelevant idividuals from Bolsonaro orbit, has had an golden opportunity to show his fight to the bolsonaro government.

After the Electoral Supreme Court ruled as criminal act fake news and digital militias, therefore liability to arrest and impeach of mandate. Although Alexandre de Moraes found Bolsonaro guilty, he has not arrested him, the Supreme Court Minister only threatened to arrest him next year if he repeats the crimes.

Another farce was Covid’s CPI ( Parlamentary Comission of Inquire) which after months had a zero result. It has not even labelled the president Bolsonaro as genocidal, goal sought by the “broad front” to use in the election campaign 2022, which will not be possible anymore. The fact that Moraes finds Bolsonaro guilty without arresting him shows the complete farce of the alleged anti-fascist fighter. It was evident that the struggle of the CPI and Alexandre de Moraes against the fascist president Bolsonaro is nothing but a farce, and left wing parties and organizations defended this farce.

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