Hands off Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s elections took place last week and the result was negative, at least, for American imperialism. Another victory for Sandinista Daniel Ortega. In 2018, the U.S. categorized Cuba, Venezuela and Nicaragua as the “trio of tyranny,” America’s main enemies. That is, the campaign against these countries has been systematic for several years. The fact that American imperialism failed to overthrow the nationalist regimes of these three countries highlights the current crisis in imperialism. American imperialism, in particular, had tried invading Venezuela using mercenaries in 2019, and are trying to destabilize the Cuban regime through paid demonstrations.

It is important though to point out the wrong position of some left wing parties and sectors, on the Nicaraguan matter. Which shows a division inside the left wing. A sector, mainly composed by PSOL, who comply with imperialism, proved to be contrary to defending Nicaragua’s autonomy, as it does with Cuba and Venezuela.

Those organizations usually follow the estabilishment press opinion which attack the Front Sandinista, that won the election in Nicaragua, with all kinds of slander. In Brazil Worker’s Cause Party (PCO) and Worker’s Party (PT) stood defending the Nicaraguans and the Sandinistas.

The imperialism influences over the petty bourgeoise by accusing the Nicaragua’s regime as dictatorial. The situation on Nicaragua’s regime can not be evaluated from far off the country, neither by the bourgeoise press information. But nothing justifies an intevention from imperialism in the country, because imperialism is a destructive force . Everytime imperialism engage in “fight a dictatorial regime” the result is war, and complete destruction and subordination of the invaded country.

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