The Imperialism Crisis and the Left-wing Struggle

The capitalism system is going through one of its worst crises in recent years. Despite billionaires becoming even richer, the financial bubble is on its limit and the cost of the financial crisis is passed on to developing countries. As a result, these countries are on a continuous state of convulsion. In the last four years, Latin America experienced large manifestations and strikes against the establishment along with interventions and coups planned by EUA. Brazil is, undoubtedly, a key piece for the imperialism. In addition to its extensive economy, this particular country count with great wealth linked with its territory. And because of that, governments with a policy directed towards its own sovereignty are being persecuted.

Lula embodies those national governments, and so it is unacceptable for the imperialist bourgeoisie. During the 2018 election he managed to bring an unimpressive candidate such as Fernando Haddad to the election second round, since he himself was imprisoned at the time and was forced to withdraw his own candidacy. Although Lula’s conciliatory character, letting him rule the country can be too risky for the imperialism. The establishment will not allow any social program neither the development of the national industry. Even Bolsonaro was condemned for his attempt to create his social program, even though it was temporary and limited. Imperialism opposes strongly to this kind of policy, for this sector it is only acceptable austerity and the destruction of national business.

In this sense, Lula is the main opponent for the imperialist bourgeoisie in Brazil. And is the only one who has a chance of winning the electoral system.

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