PSOL’s Role in the Imperialism Strategy


In order to keep its domination over developing countries, imperialism carries out a series of schemes to corrupt or manipulate political personalities, the press, culture and political parties from left to right wings.

The PSOL seems to be the most influenced by this practice. Created by opportunists and the most liberal thinkers’ dissidents from PT the Socialism and Freedom Party was initially taken as a radical left-wing party. Whereas the PSOL (as in its Portuguese’s initials) was not able to hide its true colours for long, and its vile character has been revealed to the working class, as a petty bourgeoisie party without political principles, without social basis, reformist, woken ideologist and linked to American imperialism, this latest allegation being exposed by Workers Cause Daily. The PSOL complied with “Mensalão Scandal”, an indictment against prominent personalities from PT. This, so claimed, radical party supported an outrageous claim justifying its action on moral ground. Not long after, the party made itself alliance with the right wing and the imperialism, became a mere election polling party, with no working class, identity and totally integrated to the establishment.

Although PSOL has much less history than PT, which is a working class phenomenon, the pro imperialist party aspired to replace the PT within the national left wing, however without national policies and supported only by some Brazilian middle class.

In 2014, the PSOL has proved again its real self by following the imperialism and supporting another justice scam, called “Operacão Lava Jato” which ruined the countries’ economy and enterprises. They also have not expressed strongly against the 2016 coup, in which the president Dilma Rousseff was brought down. Nor have they acted effectively against Lula’s imprisonment.

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