The base has the right to indicate Lula’s vice president

This week, amid controversy declarations, it was confirmed that there is in fact some kind of communication between PT (Worker’s Party, initials in Portuguese) and Geraldo Alckmin ,current PSDB (Brazilian Social Democrat Party, initials in Portuguese) politician, Alckimin would fulfill the vice president post in a future presidential ticket. As expected, many of the PT’s base, and also a great number of the left-wing militancy were completely against this proposition. If this articulation goes ahead and effectively becomes a concrete electoral alliance the consequences can be catastrophic to Lula’s candidacy. Lula will need all the support from the left-wing militancy to achieve not only the presidency but also to keep this sit and govern the country. This tactic with Alckimin as vice president will bring discredit among his supporters and will turn his position very fragile.

Lula’s supporters are the very same militants that there were in actions, in struggle against the 2016 coup and the rise of the far right in the country. They had faced politicians like Alckimin and his policies against the working class besides the repressions against these classes’ manifestations, especially in São Paulo, the most significant state throughout Brazil. These activists will not accept that decision.

Certainly, these activists should not accept such proposition. They have the right to decide, through a broad discussion, who should be Lula’s vice president candidate.

It is important to make it clear that an alliance with a politician like Alckimin will sink Lula’s candidacy or, at least, fulfil the same role as Michel Temer for Dilma Rousseff, that is, a collaborator to the coup.

The main proponents of the alliance are long term politicians that are mostly concerned to keep their own privilege positions, or petty bourgeoise trying to gain access to those positions doing spurious agreements and manoeuvres to achieve that.

What those, who seek this alliance, do not bother is that an alliance is formed with a minimum common interest, with a common program. It is not possible to form coalition with completely antagonist forces such as PT and PSDB. The establishment produced Bolsonaro and has indicated several times that will continue to support him if necessary to prevent Lula’s victory. Alckmin is not an ally, he is an infiltrator.

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