Ministry of Women to have 33% cut in budget for 2022

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic and all the chaos that this situation caused in the life of the working class, the ministry headed by Damares Alves and which would be the responsible for managing the progress of public policies aimed at women, decided to save on expenses, executing only 44% of the budget available for that year. Already ein 2021, the Secretariat for National Policies for Women had spent, as of June, 23.2% of the total available budget. However, in the rush to complete the year in light of the commitments made previously, the ministry spent 66% of the money invested.

Currently, in in the National Congress, next year’s budget plan for the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights will already come with a 33% cut in the budget.

The program “A casa da Mulher Brasileira” is an essential complement to the Maria da Penha law and which should make available to women victims of domestic violence the assistance that their situation of vulnerability requires, offering shelter and psychological and assistance support, it will be one of those that will have its budget reduced, suffering a monstrous cut of 70% in 2022. Still in the execution of the 2021 budget, there was R$21 million available for the program, but the folder only ran $1 million for the entire year.

The result of all this neglect could not be different: women have proven to be the ones who most suffered throughout the pandemic period. They are left to their own devices by the coup government of Jair Bolsonaro in a country with more than 100 million unemployed and without any public policy to assist the most vulnerable population.

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