“Left” party federation serves the interests of the coup

On Thursday, 16, the National Directorate of the Workers’ Party (PT) approved a resolution that will start talks regarding the formation of the Party Federation with parties without solid political principles, full of scammers and characters who live in tow of petty-bourgeois politics. The PSB, PCdoB, PSOL, PV, among others, will participate in this new adaptation of the petty-bourgeois left to the unfair electoral regime in Brazil, whose new legislation allows subtitles to unite as a single party for four years.

Voted by coup president Jair Bolsonaro (PL) and approved by the National Congress, the front will be valid for elections in 2022. This new mechanism will allow two or more parties to unite not only during the electoral period, but also for the entire legislature . Unlike coalitions, which were banned by the Senate in 2017, this party federation assumes a programmatic, ideological identity and the possibility of facing the barrier clause, which currently excludes smaller parties from the political system.

After repeated external attacks on the largest popular party in the country, now the bourgeoisie articulates and releases this mechanism to attack it internally, even without the political understanding of the PT for this tool that will further limit the freedom of party organization.


According to the PT’s resolution, “The National Directorate of the Workers Party decides to start talks about Party Federation with PSB, PCdoB, PSOL and PV, and the National Executive Committee of the Party is responsible for conducting this process of dialogue for a subsequent decision by the DN, on possible participation, from a programmatic debate, exhausting the internal debate by listening to state and municipal directions, observing the deadlines defined by the Electoral Court.”

PSOL and PSB have already signaled that they will start conversations with other subtitles. All these parties justify the creation of the party front to face the aberration of the barrier clause. Instead of protesting against it, they adapt to the bourgeoisie’s regime of marked cards. According to the resolution of the Socialism and Freedom Party (PSOL), “We consider that federations also allow for the confrontation of the barrier clause, an anti-democratic measure created to stifle ideological parties with the justification of fighting the ‘spraying’ of the Brazilian party system. Therefore, the National Executive of PSOL approves the establishment of formal conversations with Rede Sustentabilidade and PCdoB, with a view to evaluating the convenience of a federation between one or more left-wing parties.”

Juliano Medeiros, president of the PSOL, who always flirted with the bourgeoisie and fulfilled his reactionary role of attacking the PT during this entire hunt by the right to the party, said that there is still no definition about the federation and that it will depend “ political, ideological and programmatic affinity between the parties, in addition to electoral convenience, of course.”

Trap for the biggest left party

After four decades of struggles, mistakes and victories, the Workers’ Party, a conquest of several trade unionists and militants who faced the military regime to create the party, may be facing a situation that could dehydrate the party and strengthen the bourgeoisie who lost four straight elections to that party and its allies. The bourgeoisie is now continuing its attacks internally. She wants to permanently associate the PT with the petty-bourgeois parties that collaborated with the coup d’état and do nothing against the direct attacks on the working class.

The bourgeoisie, with this proposal and the undemocratic barrier clause, intends to strangle, restrict and even eliminate the small parties, creating, in the American way, a bipartisan regime in its wake, without any ideological and practical differences.

The party front, as this Diário Causa Operária has denounced, “is not positive for the PT, insofar as this party has political influence and a social base that translate into votes. The others, on the other hand, are in a different situation and are trying to join the PT to elect a handful of pickaxes. That is, that party becomes a direct springboard for rightist politicians dissociated from any kind of popular struggle.”

If in due course former PSDB Geraldo Alckmin joins the PSB to compose a ticket with Lula, what ideological identity would we have with a vice enemy and executioner of civil servants, a neoliberal willing to hand over all the country’s patrimony? None. The ideological and programmatic identity of this front is a decoy, whose objective is to trail the right, to be a domesticated left, without a fight, just perfume in the difficult struggle against the coupists.

The real policy that the PT and the parties that claim to be left-wing must do is to denounce and fight against all anti-democratic legislation in the Brazilian electoral system, so that we can ensure more democratic rights in this unfair political regime.

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