Biden’s election outcome

Biden’s government has agreed to a request from Russian President, Vladimir Putin, to hold a diplomatic meeting between the two countries to negotiate a peaceful outlet regarding Ukraine. 

After Joe Biden’s victory, U.S. foreign policy has become more hostile towards China and Russia. The US is increasing pressure against these countries, which have an important regional influence, to increment the imperialism control in Asia. 

However, the outcome of the meeting was not for a pacifist policy, on the contrary, increased tension between Russians and Americans, who have made it clear that there is no possibility of reviewing their position about Ukraine. The Russians, as far as they are concerned, are preparing for a possible invasion of Ukraine to put an end to imperialist provocations. 

In China the situation is very similar. The Chinese prepare to retake the Island of Taiwan, a Chinese territory that was separated after the invasion of Chiang Kai-Shek, supported by the Americans, who fled from the newly victorious revolutionaries. 

These conflicts are emerging all over the world. In Latin America, for example, where Nicaragua suffers a serious slander campaign because its president, Daniel Ortega, maintains political and economic alliances with China. Both countries work for the construction of a canal that crosses Nicaragua, similar to the Panama Canal, to allow Chinese ships to have another route other than the path already dominated for centuries by the Americans. 

We are facing the possibility of major conflicts of global proportions. Biden’s successful election, contrary to what the national left celebrated, did not improve in any way the global political situation, nor in its own EUA. 

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