Worker’s Cause debates: “The war in Ukraine, the BRICS and the new world order”

What is the correct position for workers in the face of conflicts occurring in the world? The war in Ukraine, Israel’s war against Palestine, the conflicts between the United States, China and Russia; the development of the BRICS? To find out the Workers’ Cause Party’s (PCO) position in detail and live, simply join our open debate on the 15th of October at 16h, Brasilia time (GMT-3). Fill in this form and we will send you a link two hours before the event begins.

The current imperialist crisis raises a discussion regarding a potential new world order. Several backward countries are openly against North American imperialism and their struggle is gaining momentum as can be seen, for instance, by Hamas’ decisive reaction against Israeli occupation of Palestine, opening a new crisis for imperialist domination in the Middle East. The BRICS are seriously discussing ending the dollarization of the economy, the Russians are expelling imperialist troops from Ukraine, African nationalism is expelling former colonial powers from their countries.

Will North American imperialism fall? Will it give way to a new imperialism? Or will it be the prelude to a world revolution?

PCO was the first and only party in Brazil to unconditionally support the Taliban, the Russians and the first to come out in absolute defense of Hamas. Furthermore, the party has deep experience regarding the war in Ukraine, being one of the few organizations that sent reporters to cover the war directly from the battlefield.

The bourgeois press blames the criminal Vladimir Putin, African and Palestinian terrorists and present themselves as defenders of world peace. This is the official version of imperialism. But what about Marxists? For us, the Russian action was actually just defensive. The interests of the United States and all imperialist countries are to use Ukraine to pressure and possibly crush Russia.

This is the crux of the matter. This is an offensive action by the United States against Russia and the Ukrainian people are being used as cannon fodder for interests that are not theirs. The same happens against African countries and in the Middle East, especially those that have been martyred for years like the Palestinians.

Now anyone who thinks Brazil is out is completely wrong. Brazil is a backward and oppressed country, and recently President Lula has made strong statements against imperialist domination.

BRICS itself, which never took a direct role in the clash with the USA, is now showing itself as a true counterpoint to North American financial dominance. In addition to the countries that are already part of the bloc, the entrances of Argentina, Iran, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Ethiopia was approved.

Is BRICS a revolutionary organization? What should be the proposals of a workers and revolutionary party for the BRICS? The proposals of the capitalist press are simple. They do not fail to hide that the BRICS countries are authoritarian and obsolete, or that it is just a puppet organization of the Russians and the Chinese.

Analysts even talk about a “new world order”. But is it really that important? The poorest countries are becoming stronger and starting to defend themselves against the aggressions of imperialism, but does this represent multipolarity?

For the PCO, imperialism continues to dominate the world economically and militarily, but the BRICS, the military defeats of the USA and NATO, are destabilizing factors for this dominance.

Do you agree? Disagree? Want to understand more? Come and debate with PCO militants!

All guests are welcome to give their opinion and participate!

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