After all, has the bourgeoisie chosen its candidate?

On the 10th of November a pompous event marked the launch of Sergio Moro as candidate for president. With great support from the estabilishment media, Sergio Moro made the cover of an important weekly magazine, which only promotes bourgeoise interests. With the title “Here comes the Carwash Party” many speculate whether this would be the expected “third way” candidate. Another right wing magazine, “Crusoe” of the newspaper O Antagonista, even pointed out that Moro’s candidacy would solve the PSDB inside dispute for this so praised “third way” candidate. However, the situation is not so simple, on the contrary. At the moment it is still difficult to say for certain what the bourgeoisie is planning be, more specifically, what the bankers and international financial capital move will be, which make up a really powerful portion of the bourgeoise related to the elections.

Moro’s candidacy and the “Carwash” party have a clear purpose, to attack Lula and the Worker’s Party (PT). It was expected from the press, their offensive against Lula as the elections approach. The polls that indicate Lula winner in the first round, as previously exhibited by the Worker’s Party, have only the intention of deceiving and giving a sense of security, when in reality Lula’s election is far from being successful.

Another aspect of this new element in the political senario could be considered as a way to deplet Bolsonaro’s campaign for presidency, inflicting accusations exchanges between Bolsonaro far right prejudices and Lula’s and Worker’s Party claims of corruption created by “Carwash Operation” Party. This manouver would give an opportunity to Brazilian Social Democratic Party’s (PSDB) candidate to parade as an alternative apart from all this dispute. In this sense Eduardo Leite woud be the perfect cadidate. The Rio grande do Sul state’s governor declared himself homosexual, thus gaining the support from the identiterians from the left wing. His policy has still another important characteristic, the avoidance of attacking Bolsonaro, unlike his peer Doria. However, the situation still is very unpredictable. The bourgeoisie still hides the game and has a lot time to adjust their policy until election day.

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