Lula and Alckmin: making mistakes is human, persisting in mistakes is stupid

Your resume is dirtier than a chicken coop. Geraldo Alckmin, governor of São Paulo in 2013, was responsible for the brutal repression of student mobilizations that began that year and ended up spreading throughout the country after the PSDB’s repression. It was during his government that the São Paulo police infiltrated these same legitimate mobilizations against police repression to co-opt them from within and start the coup campaign against the PT.

The main focus of the movement “There won’t be Cup” was in São Paulo and had the clear support of the State Military Police. In the coxinhas mobilizations of 2015 and 2016, they even transferred the soccer games of the São Paulo teams on Sunday to the morning (11:00 am), something that had never happened in Brazil, and freed the subway lines after the games for fans to leave of the stadiums and go to the coxinhatos that happened in the afternoon.

he Was PSDB president during the two years of Michel Temer’s coup government, the election of Bolsonaro, and the first year of his government. In other words, Geraldo Alckmin was president of the main party at the base of the Temer and Bolsonaro governments.

It is no secret for anyone about the PSDB’s relationship with the coup d’état. If Bolsonaro has a father, we can say that it is Geraldo Alckmin.

Some innocents, others malicious may claim he left the PSDB, now he’s going to the PSB. And I ask: how does this change? Nothing.

It is also no secret that the PSB is a puppet of the PSDB. In 2014 Márcio França of the PSB was elected vice-governor on the ticket with Geraldo Alckmin of the PSDB and came to govern in 2018 after renouncing the “chayote popsicle”. The disaffiliation of the PSDB and affiliation with the PSB is just an appearance, a method typically used in bourgeois politics to confuse the scene.

With Temer o PT, he could claim that he was taken by surprise, whereas with Alckmin it’s putting the fox to take care of the chicken coop, it’s digging his own grave. If we elect Lula, all it takes is for the bourgeoisie to arrest him and we will have Geraldo Alckmin in the presidency of the Republic, the preferred candidate of the bourgeoisie in 2018.

Squid yes, Alckmin no!

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