When the CIA itself belies the White House

During the Wall Street Journal’s annual Council of CEOs meeting in early December, CIA chief William Burns stated, without mincing words, that “the US has no evidence that Iran has taken over the decision to arm its nuclear program”, adding that “does not see any evidence that Iran’s supreme leader [Ali Khamenei] has made the decision to move into armament” (Monitor Middle East, 12/09).

The first point to consider is that the words were not spoken by some low- or middle-ranking official in the Biden administration, but by none other than the chief director of the world’s leading spy agency, the CIA. At the same time, the US Secretary of State, Antony Blinken, always in a threatening tone, declared that “the Iranians are not taking the negotiation seriously right now”. He added that “lwe’ll see how serious they are” (idem, 12/09).

Burns’ statements come at a time when Israeli pressure to persuade the US to launch “preventive” military action against the Iranian regime is growing exponentially. Israeli TVs report that both the Defense Minister and the head of the Mossad must meet with senior White House officials to advocate for military action against Iran.

The fact is that the escalation of tensions in the Middle East, provoked not only by the intensification of the conflict between Israel and Iran, but also by several other similarly explosive disputes of a regional character, has brought the region into a state of full alert.

Imperialism and its political-military enclave in the region — the Zionist State of Israel — act together to attack the sovereignty and self-determination of the peoples and countries of the region, threatening with interventions, blackmail and military threats.

With regard to the Iranian nuclear program, the government of the Islamic Republic has already allowed international inspection of the reactors, with observers from the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) noting that the program is not intended for military purposes and that the percentage of enrichment of uranium in the plants is not enough for the production of atomic weapons. Still, both the US and Israel are pushing for an end to Iran’s nuclear program. Zionists are constantly threatening the Iranians, promising to destroy Iran’s reactors through military action.

But what now, after the CIA director gave his own testimony that there is no evidence of an Iranian military buildup with its nuclear program? How are the threats from imperialism and Israel to the Iranian nation? Therefore, what can be said at this moment is that the greatest threat to stability in the Middle East and the Persian Gulf is not the “fearful” Iranian nuclear reactors, but the bellicose and aggressive posture of the United States and Israel, the real promoters of wars and conflicts between the peoples of the region.

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