Galo, a smoker of statues, attacks Lula and “talks” about torture

A few days ago I saw that the official smoker of statues in Brazil, nicknamed by himself “Galo de Luta” (Cockfight), posted on his twitter an unfortunate phrase worthy of someone who has no idea what he’s talking about.

As a great connoisseur of the dictatorship and torture, he said that “In Dilma’s place Lula would be a snitch when he would be tortured by electric shocks, but I like him”.

The funny thing is that this unfortunate phrase came from the person who, when he smoked the statue of Borba Gato in São Paulo, recently, turned himself in and confessed to the “crime” practically the next day.

It seems that Galo doesn’t know that Lula was arrested for being at the head of the São Bernardo Metalworkers Union during gigantic strikes in the São Paulo ABC region, the most important in the country, which practically overthrew the military dictatorship. Even not agreeing with Lula’s policy, it is public and notorious that he faced the right-wing.

The statue smoker has no idea what he’s talking about. The grotesque techniques of torture can make a person denounce and, in these conditions, one can only lament the misfortune. In publications about torture it is known that when the torturers of the military dictatorship, supported by the press that advertises Galo (the beloved dictatorship supporter Folha de S.Paulo), when the arrested person did not report in the “traditional” techniques of torture, criminals used the victims’ families, including children, even children and there are even reports of babies brought to the basements of the dictatorship to force the tortured to speak.

Imagine the prisons at Abu Grabi and Guantanamo and the grotesque torture techniques carried out by the US military. Prisoners, not surprisingly, “report” even those who are not at fault.

Galo calls himself from the “ghetto”, but it seems he doesn’t know the Military Police’s techniques for torturing the population. Galo’s speech about Lula and torture is a disgrace to those who claim to be on the left and we can say that it is a policy of bad character and scoundrel. It’s like saying the woman was raped because she couldn’t resist.

Now Galo has done absolutely nothing. His only vibrant activity was smoking the statue of a person who does not represent the real oppression of the workers and who died over 300 years ago. This identity policy is encouraged by the bourgeoisie. That’s why he felt free to set the statue on fire. His incompetence is such that he didn’t even succeed in his goal of destroying the statue, he just “scorched” Borba Gato, who remains unharmed.

Galo’s attack on Lula only confirms that he is being boosted because he talks this kind of nonsense, as does Guilherme Boulos, against the PT and Lula is in agreement with the right-wing who planned the coup.

I say this because the figure of Galo was driven by the bourgeois press (who else but the right-wing?) during the app workers’ demonstrations and appointed by the bourgeois press as the leader of this movement, but that in practice he barely drove his motorcycle when plus the workers’ strike. The only thing he did was give interviews by the “anti-fascist” delivery movement during the strike movement and after that he was jumping from demonstration to demonstration to take a picture and try to show himself as a “fighting”.

This is confirmed because like every petty bourgeois leftist element, he is not seeking to organize the app workers, forming a union or a group of workers to fight the bosses. He is seeking, even with the attacks on Lula and the PT, to build his political career and to stand as a candidate in the next elections for some petty-bourgeois left party, such as the PSOL.

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