“A vice-coupist won’t help Lula win the election”

In this week’s edition of the printed weekly Causa Operária, number 1,193, Brazil’s most traditional left-wing newspaper returns, as usual, with the most fundamental political issues of the week. As always, several controversies are highlighted, to undo the confusion within the left and encourage the correct interpretation of the political scenario, the evolution of the left-wing and the workers movement.

Lula’s vice president 

The cover of this issue features, in the headline, the main topic of debate within the left-wing, the problem of Lula’s vice-president. //Already polemicizing with the more backward and right-wing, and dialoguing with sectors confused by it on the left: “A vice coup will not help Lula to win”//. (We state, “a vice president coupist won’t help Lula win the election”, in controversy with the right-wing and the petty and confused left-wing). The topic is addressed not only by the newspaper’s main editorial, but also from another angle by a column highlighted on the cover of the issue “To err is human, persisting in error is stupid”, written by party leader Matheus Vetter.

The editorial highlights the position of the leftist coup sector, which pushes the broad-front at all times, pressuring Lula in this direction and, when he gives in, when he makes room for on the right, these same sectors criticize him “from the left”, fiercely attacking the country’s greatest popular leadership and pointing out that they will launch their own candidates, who would not be able to support Lula. A complete scam. The article polemics and denounces these potion of the left wing as //the opportunists that they are//(as opportunists), who do not fight the coup, sabotage the fight and sabotage the construction of a left front around the figure of Lula against the coup in the name of receiving positions and emphasises the official press of the bourgeoisie. But the controversy does not stop there!


In the column section, ( there is more controversy to bring up to light) //which is also highlighted on the cover// (in this section we argue) : “Place of speech isn’t a fair excuse” , with the column area bringing another controversy in a different aspect of the same theme: “The confusions of the language of identity – the neutral gender ”. The last column on the cover of the newspaper: “Being ‘healthy’, the fetish of the new left” brings up the question of petty bourgeois left from yet another angle, highlighting the pervasive problem of hunger, and the debate, at least inappropriate at the moment, of veganism. The columns, as you can see, are peppered in issue 1193, at the point for consumption and debate.

Hunger, the coup politics

Site right next to the headline, on the cover of the weekly paper: “Bankers Have the Party and the country is starving”. In the article and in the policy section itself, the real cause of the hunger problem is put forward, pointing to the solution to the issue. The prey of the national economy by financial capital and imperialism does not even leave crumbs for the working population in Brazil to feed themselves. Right below it, on the cover of the newspaper, there is the question of oil, one of the central reasons for the 2016 coup d’état and the 2018 electoral fraud. The coup government’s policy — imperialism — for Brazilian oil, for Petrobras , has driven stratospheric leaps in inflation, wiped out jobs and reduced the national economy to dust, aggravating, day by day, hunger and misery.

PSOL, petty bourgeois and coup left

Returning to the controversy, the cover of issue 1193 puts at the centre the question of the pro-imperialist left: “The victory of the left that wants serve the right and imperialism in Chile”. The PSOL’s alignment with the “leftist” against abortion, in favour of arresting protesters and with a Pinochet enthusiastic in his office, Gabriel Boric, is central to the situation and, therefore, stands out. In yet another article the PSOL is called by name: “Fulfilling the wish of the right, PSOL will split the left in SP”, for its stance of splitting the reformist left in São Paulo, as it did in past elections. The role of the PSOL is shown, more and more, to attack and weaken the PT, in order to weaken the entire national left, and to support imperialism and its coups d’état not only in Brazil, but throughout Latin America and the world.

Culture, theory, Marxism

The cultural highlight of the main newspaper on the left this week is the tireless and constant work of the PCO in spreading and deepening theoretical discussion, through the eyes of Marxism. The Marxist School, a course offered by the Party in all corners of the country, with the aim of internalizing theory throughout the country, has been successful in addressing in this edition of the course the theme: What is Socialism. The newspaper Workers’ Cause supported the course, selecting, for the publication theory section, texts supporting the theme, the discussions brought by him. The article signed by comrade Rafael Dantas provides an overview of the Party’s work in this regard, and closes with a taste of what is to come, the course at the Marxist University (further training course offered by the PCO) on the History of Brazil, in 2022.

What to do?

About the labour movement, the weekly highlights, at this turn of the year, the perspective of struggle for the unions. The coup regime, imperialism, is weakened, the moment is fundamental and cannot be lost. To take advantage of the situation, it is necessary to understand all the mistakes made in the last period, in order to be able to firmly advance against the coup. The article makes a rescue of everything that happened in the last year. The absurd “stay at home” policy adopted by the unions. The fire of the street movement and its radicalization, with the bases taking to the streets, pushing the union leaderships. Also highlighted in the article, as it should be, is the whole movement of sabotage to mobilization, put into practice by a broad sector of the left and unions. Without overcoming this sector, it will not be possible to advance.


The international situation is about to come to a head. The international economic crisis, with inflation, unemployment and misery even in the core of capitalism, puts the imperialist bourgeoisie against the wall. Without a choice, it increases its voracity, driving coups, kidnapping the left-wing through direct purchase — as in the case of identity and the “new left”, exemplified by the case of Chile and, in Brazil, of the PSOL and Guilherme Boulos more specifically — and increasing tensions with the backward regional powers, in the case Russia and China. Imperialism strains by deploying troops, financing military expansion across both Russian and Chinese borders, and making open threats, including the use of nuclear weapons. The threatened bourgeoisie becomes more violent, like a cornered wild animal. Regional powers cannot retreat, as they are already restricted to their territories, but imperialism advances. What appears if the observed movement is not reversed is the imminence of war. These are the highlights of the international section of Causa Operária, nº 1.193, circulating from this Sunday.

Read and sign Workers’ Cause

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