The right sector inside PT show themselves

The current vice president of the Workers’ Party (PT), Washington Quaquá, former president PT – Rio de Janeiro and mayor of Maricá, said this week:  

“Dilma is a former president and has her role. But from an electoral point of view, no. There is a small percentage on PT that still dwells in the coup theory. Politics is not done with resentment, but with strategies to transform the lives of the people.” 

Quaquá is one of the main figures of the right sector within the PT. Since the beginning of the coup d’état in Brazil was a staunch supporter of the philosophy “let us turning the page of the coup.” That is, forget what happened to the overthrown of Dilma Rousseff and head on. Ignore past events, view the coup as a step overcome as if it were an event without great relevance or impact in Brazilian politics. 

To justify this absurd policy, two theses are presented. It is, first, that the right-wing scammers regretted having generated and driven Bolsonaro into power. The second one is, the coup was overcome by the population and that the electoral polls that indicate Lula in the first place prove it, followed by, Lula will win the election and may govern the country again. 

According to the vice president of the PT, the coup would have succeeded by the lack of political skill from Dilma Rousseff’s part. Yet the question that would summarize the coup is that the left-wing cannot or does not want to promote alliances with the scammer of the right-wing. 

This type of reasoning is natural for these elements of the right on PT. By example, Quaquá himself intends to support the current governor of Rio de Janeiro, Claudio Castro (PL), who was vice president of the fascist Wilson Witzel, for re-election. Even Quaqua’s ally, André Ceciliano, state deputy from PT became president of the Legislative Assembly of Rio due to an agreement with the government of Witzel. 

The outcome of this policy will be a disaster. It will take the PT on a suicidal path, leading PT to be captive of the right-wing demands.  

However, the vast majority of the party base does not agree with this position and sees Lula’s election as a solution to the major problems generated by the coup d’état, mainly in overthrowing the government of Jair Bolsonaro.  

These positions come from opportunists concerned only with post and public funds and not with the lives of the working people. 

Why participate in the struggles of the masses 

The proposition of a PSDB leader, Geraldo Alckimin, as a candidate for vice president of Lula, campaign that the election has already been decided in favour of Lula, and recklessly dismiss the political situation will ends up putting the most combative and left-wing portion of the population on defensiveness, raising the head of the right-wing. 

The PT leaders has no consideration for the basis when proposing a policy as unpopular as this. Placing one of the significant scammers of the coup state in Brazil will indispose a large portion of left-wing militancy in carry out the campaign of Lula president in 2022. 

PCO continues to support the candidacy of Lula and insists in a popular vice president. We understand the role that this struggle has within the population. The left-wing needs to participate in popular struggles like this. As much theses fights will not be a solution for itself, it will organize the vanguard of the worker’s movement which, through the experience of these struggles, will develop class consciousness. 

Lula is, for an immense portion of the population, their saviour. Lula represents the solution for the people’s issues, or, at least, the nation’s problems. The experience of a fight for Lula’s electoral victory makes it easier the realization of the main popular claims, as opposed to a right-wing government. But also, if Lula is not up to the task, his government’s failed experience will guide workers into a superior political struggle, thus developing a revolutionary vanguard within a population of the country. That’s why we can’t turn our backs on the people’s struggle for Lula’s candidacy. 

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