Olinda revelers compose jingle denouncing Jones Manoel

At the end of the Christmas parade of the group “O Tubarão do Canal da Malaria”, which took place last Saturday (25), the revelers stopped for a while to have a wave with youtuber Jones Manoel (PCB). The game ended up becoming the jingle “The youtuber runaway”, inspired by the famous jingle “Ey, Ey, Ey mael”.

O Tubarão do Canal da Malaria block was founded on December 18 by the residents of Varadouro, in Olinda. The block is a protest by Fora Bolsonaro, Lula President and against the cancellation of the carnival.

Listen here for the jingle “The youtuber runaway”:

Follow the jingle lyrics:

Jones Manoel,

A runaway youtuber.

Pre-candidate for government,

Jones Manoel,

Think of a big mess!

Our people can’t take it anymore

Guilherme Boulos, Sérgio Moro and the IREE

They want to end the PT,

But the people want Lula in power

Original Article: https://www.causaoperaria.org.br/rede/dco/cidades/nordeste/folioes-de-olinda-compoem-jingle-denunciando-jones-manoel/

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