Boric, the New Left Uncle Sam wants for Latin America 

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Cesar Fonseca, political and economic reporter, editor of Independence South American website, in agreement with Causa Operaria newspaper, also denounces Gabriel Boric role in the presidency of Chile. 

The United States is nurturing a New Left soft power for Latin America capable of serving as a holdup to a policy which Washington does not swallow at all. That is, the policy of Venezuela, Nicaragua and Cuba. The leader of this New Latin American Left, encouraged by Uncle Sam, would be Boric, who, as soon as elected in Chile, gave his message that Washington was expecting to hear: he does not commune with Maduro or Ortega, much less Manuel Diaz-Canel. And what about Lula, would boric convey? He certainly did not approve Lula’s defence of Ortega, Maduro and Diaz-Canel in statements while he was abroad, given to the Western press when he was asked in their usual provocation attitude. 

Boric represents the option that Washington can turn to against far-right politicians such Bolsonaro, who have become worn out due to unpopular policies related to environment, national industry, social welfare, unpopular and antidemocratic constitutional reforms. These regimes became undesirable for Washington to support, these candidates do not have appeal in elections, and in Brazil, the most important country in Latin America, this scenario would translate in Lula’s election, an out of question outcome for US.  

The New Left soft power would bring another prospect for alliance, it would solve Washington problems to be put in a position between the far right and the national left-wing governments. A laboratory experiment, according to Rui Costa Pimenta, the Marxist-Leninist-Trotskyist and Worker’s Cause Party (PCO) president, who awakens chills in the Brazilian soft power left, which are prone to alliance with the United States; to anchor his dialectical political reasoning, Rui Costa Pimenta allude to examples of left-wing soft power created and developed, especially in Europe, after the 2008 crash; this circumstance threatened the length of capitalism as an option to recover from neoliberalism policy adopted for these parties. The second moment of crisis, that we are living, has worsened the situation. The covid pandemic has proven to be hard to overcome with the capitalism administration. The virus, instead of being under control, has suffered many mutations giving chance to society to contest the pandemic management, besides, fascists are exploiting the fiasco in their favours.  

Expansion Of Left Soft Power 

At this moment, in Latin America, the leftist soft power is being adopted. This phenomenon that was born in Europe with Podemos in Spain, and Sirisia in Greece, served as a forehand to the most radicalized political currents, in order to enable neoliberal reforms, since European liberal right parties were currently demoralized, a signal of extinction of the conciliator and collaborationist parties. in Latin America, the advance of the anti-Washington left, prone to alliances with China and Russia, and the political instability thanks to nationalist currents both on the right and on the left, make the Americans aware of a possible retaliation against political system in the face of neoliberal failure; Boric, says Rui, enters in scene, tuning into a pro-imperialist left, agreeing to Washington’s aggressions to fight the emerging radical left, like the Venezuelan; Boric would be a the suitable social democrat instead of a Bolshevik-like emergency on the way to South and Central America, unwilling to submit to imperialist politics. 

New Cold War 

For the president of the PCO, there is new cold war brewing between the United States and China-Russia. It will be marked by aggressive interventions in Latin American, for an alignment with Washington is strictly required. In the event of a fell out from Washington it would mean a turn to left nationalists such Chavez, Fidel and, to some extent, Lula. A left wing that, in general, is eager to get rid of Uncle Sam’s iron tack; how to stop the anti-Washington movement but erect democratic social barriers funded by a second Marshall Plan so, avoiding communist victories like those of the Soviet Union in the post-World War II, which threatened the West, in the eventual expansion of Trotsky’s Red Army, calmed by Stalinist conciliation? The neoliberal bankruptcy in the West refers to the post-war financial and economic anarchy that required American imperialism effort to avoid global communism expansion, as it would signal Chinese-Russian communist-nationalist expansion, in its propensity to defeat American capitalism via the expansion of Eurasia, dragging along with it, Europe and South America in the coming years. 

Neo-Social Democracy for Boric 

To raise the social democracy that Boric foresees in Chile, expressed in a new social care, as well as social and political reforms expressed by the democratization of political power, currently under discussion in the constituent process, the basic assumption is what Washington strives to do: create the New Left. This achievement would stop the socialist tendency in the region which has great chance of expansion, given the widespread dissatisfactions as the result of the neoliberal model, already weakened concerning to electoral candidates. The ultra-neoliberal far right wing, such as Bolsonaro in Brazil, would have, in the environment of expansion of unemployment, lost its utility to imperialism economic strategy based in speculation and financialization. Fearful of political radicalism, therefore, Boric means, for the PCO, the New Left, so named by Washington, to break the Chavist revolution, along with its aligned inclination peers. 

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