George Soros creates his own Brazilian “Left” in the USA 

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Think tank formed by representatives of social movements is founded with funding from the Open Society and organization sponsored by the Ford Foundation 

Last Monday (31), sectors of the Brazilian left wing announced the launch of a think tank in the United States, called the Washington Brazil Office (WBO), the office is located in Washington and will release weekly newsletters and fortnightly podcasts in English with analysis on the 2022 elections. 

According to the WBO website, the organization focuses on promoting “freedom of expression, climate change fight, racial equality, sexual and gender diversity, strengthening the protection of social leaders and meeting sustainable goals of the 2030 Agenda.” 

The WBO Advisory Board has 25 Brazilian organizations. Among them, the Movimento dos Sem Terras – MTS (Landless Rural Workers Movement); the Movimento dos Trabalhadores sem Teto MTST (Homeless Workers’ Movement); the Movimento dos Atingidos pelas Barragens – MAB (Movement of Those Affected by Dams); Greenpeace Brazil; the Marielle Franco Institute; the Vladimir Herzog Institute;the Articulação dos Povos Indigenas do Brasil- APIB (Indigenous People Articulation); among others. 

By the pattern of the associates, it is already possible to conclude that it is a pro-imperialist political scheme, a trap. After all, as revealed by this Journal, Guilherme Boulos, leader of the MTST, has concrete links with imperialism through IREE, which is supported by Global Americans, a CIA-funded think tank through the National Endowment for Democracy (NED), and that defines their policy. 

The “ambassadors” of this organization are Sonia Guajajara (PSOL and APIB), Jean Wyllys (ex-PSOL, now PT), singer Daniela Mercury and actors Wagner Moura and Gregório Duvivier. 

In addition to these brief notes, it is important to look at who fund this group. After all, in capitalism, it is money that dictates everything. Including the policy and actions of a given organization. In this sense, the object stated by the WBO as its purpose does little to the list of investors of the project. 

First of all, we have the Open Society. Founded by billionaire “philanthropist” George Soros, the organization’s main objective is to impose imperialist policy on backward countries. For 30 years, Soros has used his fortune to finance coups around the world, always under the façade of democracy, human rights, etc. 

As illustration, we have the Ukrainian case. the Open Society directly financed the coup in Ukraine and subsequently participated in the consolidation of a far-right government in the country. This organization acts against all nationalist governments and is banned, for example, in Cuba for its role of destabilizing the government in an attempt to change the regime in this country. 

Besides Open Society, the WBO website includes funding from the Galo da Manhã Institute, an association linked to the Group of Foundations and Companies Institutes, Gife. 

Gife works similarly to the Open Society, it is an institutional supporter. In addition to also appearing in the Boulos-Warde scandal, the group is publicly linked to the Ford Foundation. The Governance Council of GIFE is formed, for example, by Adriana Barbosa (Feira Preta), Atila Roque (Ford Foundation), Gilberto Costa (JP Morgan), Mônica Pinto (Roberto Marinho Foundation) and Virgílio Viana (Sustainable Amazonas Foundation). 

During the virtual launch of the project, James Green, president of the firm, further complemented the WBO’s political characterization. He said – according to “Carta Capital” – that the project was based on other experiences that have even clearer links with imperialism, such as the Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA). According to the organization’s website, in Venezuela, for example, WOLA develops human rights projects ─ the target, as predictable, the Chavista regime. In addition, WOLA is responsible for creating a blog which the main objective is constantly attack Nicolás Maduro’s government. 

“This idea was built on previous work by ONGs in Washington, such as the Center for Economic and Policy Research, Amazon Watch and the Washington Office on Latin America, along with Brazilians and others who have worked with allies in the US Congress to influence American politicians in questions related to Brazil,” the American admits 

Fundamentally, this sector on the left may not even notice (we hope it’s naïve), but they are associating with the greatest enemy of the working class, American imperialism. 

It is worth mentioning that, unfortunately, this is a path that has already trodden on in Brazil during the coup. The Lava Jato Operation has been a fraudulent scheme carried out by Sergio Moro who was trained directly by the United States to attack Brazil’s sovereignty. But, in that episode, who acted in association with imperialism was the right-wing. Now it’s the left!  

In regards to these pretentions’ “humanitarian” organizations, such as those that finance the WBO, we had the case of Dallagnol who, according to leaked conversations, articulated the details of Lava Jato’s ideological campaign in partnership with Bruno Brandão, Director of Transparency International, another body destined, apparently, to vigil of human rights by imperialism. 

The association between some left-wing sector with these imperialist organizations show an extremely misguided policy on the part of the left. Some of these sectors, such as MTST and Marielle Franco Institute, have public relations with imperialist foundations, such as the Ford Foundation (in the case of MTST) and the Open Society (in the case of Marielle Franco Institute). 

The involvement of popular movements with organization funded by the imperialism are the blame of the left petty bourgeois who run these popular movements, they drag the base to reproduce unconsciously the imperialism policy. The crisis of directions in popular movement has never been so acute. By becoming part of the imperialism payment schedule thorough ONGs the popular movement has been reduced to organizations that fraternize with imperialism interests. 

Any relationship established in accordance with the imperialist bourgeoise will not serve to humanitarian development.  Those travestied left organizations, which is invariably dependent on the imperialist bourgeoisie represents a true capitulation towards the greatest workers killing machine in the history of mankind, imperialism. 

The left must remain completely independent of imperialism, both in the material and ideological field. This is the only way to stay on the side of the workers and the oppressed people of Brazil and of the world, because such foundations and “philanthropic” institutions are on the other side of the front: the enemy side. 

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