Putin, the “bogeyman” of the imperialist left 

The left-wing of Europe does not have the courage to directly confront imperialism and accuses Putin of funding the far- right. 

The way of Europe in dealing with Russia and Putin is the same as the far-right organizations but loaded with demagoguery. Their speech imply they are in favour of civilization, but their declarations are not straight forward and gradually, they implement a policy that is ultimately against the workers. It is a careful operation where the working class is being dragged to a desperate situation without being completely conscious and therefore unable to react. 

The working class, who reached a better material and intellectual condition due to their historical struggle, is dormant in a scenario where the capitalism is at its most decadent phase and therefore most fragile. 

The reason for this could be tracked to the comfort brought by advanced capitalism that became accessible to the European working class. This comfort based on superficial achievements of advanced capitalism, such as idle spectacles, consumerism of cheap goods from overproduction of monopolistic manufacturing and a whole network of services turned this class soft. 

But along with this attitude a broad spectrum of fundamental rights, which was assured previously, is being compromised and lost, including its own capacity for organization and independent struggle from the bourgeoise, considering them eternally protected. 

Who funds the far-right and fascism in Europe is not the “evil Putin” as claim the Spanish petty bourgeois leftist Dr. Pablo Iglesias, from the superficial analysis of the web Al Descubierto. Those who finance the far-right nowadays are the same as before. They are perfectly recorded in the history books, that is, the local imperialist bourgeoisie itself in agreement with the minor capitalists and American imperialism. Disguise the true face of the enemy is apparently the task of these imperialists’ leftists, very well represented today by journalist Pablo Iglesias. The new Tertullian seeks to place the whole left-wing in tow with imperialism and NATO once more, since Inglesias himself shamefully displayed towards fascism and Isabel Díaz Ayuso, on the occasion of Madrid Community elections, beside many others. The position of the far-right organizations that supposedly support Putin does not have the same meaning as that of genuinely Marxist (therefore also communist) organizations, as Pablo Iglesias intends to establish to justify his capitulating position. Communists have an obligation to defend Russia because its direct consequences in the evolution of the class struggle and for their historical knowledge of how this fight will progress. The far-right can support Putin for the defence of his nation. This national interest tends to have high appeal among the workers, bringing them to the far-right cause, at the same time diverting the fight against the bourgeoisie, although this party will always end up in agreement with it. Therefore, it is not a matter of Russian funding both far-right group and communists, neither is there an equivalent meaning and scope between the two. The same cannot be said for NATO support from the institutional left. 

Below is the position of the old Spanish Phalanx, the most traditional fascist organization, on Ukraine and NATO: 

“I want to make it clear to you, before we came to an end, that I am not pro-Russia because of Russia’s attitude towards Catalonia and that I stopped collaborating with Russia Today and Radio Sputnik when I found out that RT and Sputnik’s attitude was in support of Catalanism. I am not pro-Russia for absolutely national reasons, but that is enough for me.”(…) “The Spanish army should not be in NATO, Spain should not be in NATO, NATO does not include our conflict zone. NATO would not defend us in a war against Portugal, which is also in NATO, it would not defend us in a war against France, which is also in NATO. In other words, our conflict zone is the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla. The national strategic plan, which is carried out every year, considers these 3 conflict zones. At the moment, we have serious doubts that the attitude of the United States would be similar to that which occurred on the occasion of the reincorporation of the island of Perejil to Spain, which was not supportive, which was of simple neutrality.” 

The Spanish Phalanx fought alongside the Nazis for the siege of Leningrad (now St. Petersburg), and was awarded directly by the Führer for his contribution to what was one of the worst genocides in history. The siege lasted 900 days, 1 200 000 Russians died of hunger and cold, the corpses were even commercialized as food. Putin was born 8 years later in this very place, his brother died during the siege and his father fought to defend the city. Still, the Phalanx defends the legitimacy of the Russian military operation due to a concrete analysis of the situation and the point of view of Spain’s national interest, that is, the Spanish imperialism that in this case is being subjugated by American imperialism, as well as the other European imperialisms. 

The far-right support towards Russia aims truly the destabilization of the imperialism superstructure, when the interests of American imperialism seriously harm the national bourgeoisie in Europe. 

We can also make a parallel analysis with the U.S. situation towards Trump. That is, the interests of the high imperialist bourgeoisie (military-financial sector) clash with the interests of the traditional capitalist bourgeoisie (productive sector), and the response of the American imperialist left was also the same: accusing Trump of being financed by the “Putin monster”. In other words, defending the national interest, both in the US and in Europe, means attributing to Putin the magical ability to economically supplant the centre of the political power of the great imperialist powers and to deceive all their control structures. In the real world the imperialist bourgeoisie would never allow this and crush their own fascist organizations if they had to. 

The support of the far right from around the world to Russia’s military action and against the NATO offensive, which it is not true, would simply and correctly mean the direct defence of its national interests, therefore also the benefit of its own working class in this confrontation with American imperialism. The position of the far right is limited to the national issue and its own political survival. The far-right do not disregard the popular struggle in spite of the left-wing, on the contrary they fulfil the role by hijacking these struggles, as it is happening with the truckers’ strike, after the gigantic betrayal that meant the non-repeal of the labour reforms by the coalition government (including virtually the entire institutional left). 

The full support given to Russia by Marxism and communists has a broader meaning for class struggle around the world, that of hail the defeat of the imperialism. As it was the recent defeat in Afghanistan, which even paved the way for the Russian offensive, with the consequent strengthening of the struggle of all oppressed sectors of the world and the rupture of inter-imperialist alliances. 

Who is truly supporting the rise of fascism in Europe is the imperialist left, which with its numerous betrayals of the working class, its tacit support for NATO and the theoretical confusion it uses to justify these positions, extends the red carpet for the arrival of the far -right to political power to the stage of social instability in which we are entering. A left who is digging its own grave, with the intention of taking all the struggles of the workers along with them. 

Writing of the DCO 

Published on: 28/03/22 – 00:00 

Issue no. 6692 – Monday – 28/03/2022

Putin, o “bicho-papão” da esquerda imperialista – Diário Causa Operária (causaoperaria.org.br) 

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