That’s how it’s done! Ortega puts OAS on the run from Nicaragua 

The Sandinista regime has been reacting to attempts at destabilization by US imperialism. 

Nicaragua’s government finally expels the coup manufacturer, the Organization of American States (OAS), the United States organization for control of the “colonies”, from the country. After a series of attempts at destabilization, organized by imperialism from within the Caribbean country itself, the OAS office was closed and the country’s representatives in the organization disacredited. In the words of Chancellor Denis Moncada “Nicaragua expels the Organization of the States of America”. 

The Interference of the OAS in Latin American elections

As it did recently in Bolivia where the OAS prevented Evo Morales from taking office, the OAS also did not recognize Ortega’s victory in the recent elections and had been pushing coup mobilizations against the nationalist government of the Sandinista National Liberation Front. In Bolivia, the situation escalated to a coup headed by the far-right and the military. Only after a real popular uprising, Bolivians managed to impose a new electoral defeat of the right-wing and reverse at least part of the coup. 

During the development of the process, the OAS assessment was exposed as a farce, which it was. A farce produced to overthrow a government that, although was far from revolutionary, defended some important national interests, such as the exploitation of its mineral reserves more advantageously for the country. After all that has happened in the coup, with dozens of deaths, Bolivia remains in the OAS, which helps reinforce the importance of Nicaragua’s reaction. Like Russian military action in Ukraine, the Nicaraguan government’s initiative is nothing more than a defensive measure. It is a way of coping with the American imperialism practice of imposing themselves in this region which is vital to their world domination. Maintain an organization that is controlled by the United States in any backward country that does not recognize the legitimacy of the elected government, could be a fatal mistake. 

The confrontation with imperialism 

Despite following the correct line of action in the face of OAS interference, the Nicaraguan government, like any other government of backward capitalist country, understand it is a defiance against the “world’s owners” by asserting its political independence. Ortega’s government position before the imperialism, relies on two main components, first, popular support and second, the crisis of imperialist domination. 

Even mildly, nationalist governments have undertaken social reforms. Along with the policy of defending the national economy, these popular measures guarantee important popular support. A government supported by the masses has the consistency to face the tyrants of the peoples of the world. 

This context is only possible due to the increasingly explicit advance of imperialism crisis. Taliban victory in 2021 was a demonstration that reverberated around the world. The people of one of the most backward countries on the planet managed to put US troops on the run, inspiring in particular the oppressed peoples of the Middle East, but serving as a message to all the oppressed people of the world: “it is possible to defeat imperialism” 

In the same sense, the war in Ukraine has this progressive character, it shows that the domination is shaken. As it became evident, imperialism did not count on Russian military action and is unable to respond accordingly. This encourages more oppressed countries to firmly defend themselves against imperialist attacks. 

DCO writing 

Published: 04/26/22 – 00:01 

Edition No. 6721 – Tuesday – 04/26/2022 

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