It will take an anti-establishment left to elect Lula 

The Left needs a program that breaks with the established regime and defends the real interests of the people 

Worldwide, the crisis of the imperialism has intensified political polarization. As opposed to the parties identified with the current system, the people have moved to the poles. However, due to the confused politics of the Left who has most capitalized on this displacement is the Far- right. While the petty bourgeois with left inclination appears defending “democracy” and the bourgeois institutions, the far-right speeches include real population problems and struggles and presents itself as antisystem. 

In Brazil we have a leftist popular leadership, that has overcome an intense campaign of persecution, even a long imprisonment. A leadership that clashes, whether he wants it or not, with the policy imposed by the imperialism over the country. In other words, antisystem leadership. And this is a factor that explain Lula’s popularity. The people see Lula as an opposition to the neoliberalism policy of devastated land. Unlike the far- right, Lula’s defence of the living conditions of the population are genuine. 

Nevertheless, following the global trend of the left, Lula’s candidacy appears to be making a huge effort to blow this political asset. The more Lula and the PT turn to the right, the less they attract the people to their side in the dispute with the far-right. This attempt to become identified with the establishment that the people hate and to be adapted to the political regime that acts against workers, is taking the left away from one of the poles of this setting. When the left mix themselves with the traditional right, what they are doing is handing out to those demagogues far-right the post of “antisystem” in a tray. 

It is becoming increasingly clear that this year’s election will not be as easy as many on the left have been preaching. The right has all the power of the bourgeoisie and its institutions, the left will only be able to balance the dispute with this powerful adversary if it gathers the people mobilized at its side. Only with a great mass movement around a popular, honest program will be possible to impose the electoral victory of Lula. But it is going to be a very hard task to take the people to the streets next to Alckmin, Paulinho da Força and any other kind like those from the right.  

The population will only feel encouraged to occupy the streets and elect Lula, if they recognize that their demands will be prioritized over a system that crushes them daily. The standard of living of the Brazilian people does not stop falling and against this, people are willing to buy the fight. But, to defend “democracy”, the bourgeois institutions and this failed political regime, they will certainly not make a move. Why defend a system that has led them to this distressful situation. 

To survive, the left needs to depart from the scammers of the traditional right, break with the farce of the bourgeois political regime, present itself as “antisystem”, as a real opposition to all violation inflicted to the population. If they are not going to advocate a revolutionary program, at least make a serious and decisive defence around the real interests of the workers. That is the only possible way for a massive uprising in the streets, the only in this way to elect Lula. 

Writing of the DCO
Published on: 03/05/22 – 00:01
Issue no. 6728 – Tuesday – 05/03/2022

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