Rui Costa Pimenta talks about Lula, Alckmin and the popular struggle

The president of the Partido da Causa Operária, Rui Costa Pimenta, in his weekly analysis broadcast by the PCO’s YouTube channel (Causa Operária TV, COTV), this Saturday (December 25), stated that “the federation of parties is an anti-democratic measure that complements the barrier clause, which in turn complemented the draconian norms for the creation of new parties.”

The communist leader made an extensive analysis of the Brazilian political and electoral system, taking as his motto the interview given by deputy Paulo Pimenta (PT) to the website Brasil 247. In this event, the PT parliamentarian tried to justify the formation of the party federation and the politics of place Alckmin as Lula’s deputy.

Pimenta criticized the PT’s and the left’s passivity in general in face of the constant changes in the regime: “There is a passive adaptation to the arbitrariness of the electoral system. Why does the left adapt to this?”; “The PT deputy made this clear when he stated in the interview that the federation is not a problem, considering that it is a good proposal.”

The PCO leader argued that for the national bourgeoisie, the multiplicity of parties makes the regime more difficult to control. With very few parties, control would be easier. Pimenta cited the United States of America as an example, where the two parties with chances are controlled by billionaires and there is a plutocratic regime controlled by wealth, an antithesis of democracy.

According to Rui Costa Pimenta, the laws that hinder the creation of political parties, together with the barrier clause and the possibility of creating party federations “are a way of suppressing a part of the electorate, they are not actually suppressing parties, they are suppressing voters from the suppressed parties. Only right-wing parties will remain. A portion of public opinion will be suppressed. These left-wing parties will eventually create a right-wing federation. The federation will consolidate the elements on the right. The PSB, for example, is actually on the right and in a federation with the PT, the PSB will consolidate even more. In Rio Grande do Sul, for example, the PSB supports Eduardo Leite of the PSDB, its congressmen, in the overwhelming majority, are right-wing politicians. Leftists in right-wing parties are worth very little. These federations will not represent all sections of public opinion. Who determines the ideal number of parties? The voter must define this. The only thing that is democratic is that voters can create their parties to represent them.”

As for the rightist propaganda that parties are a business, Rui Costa Pimenta clarified that, in fact, restriction measures are what increasingly transform parties into business: “The rarity of parties did this. This legislation does not work against turning parties into a business, it works for it. To change this, there must be freedom within the regime so that as many parties as people want to form can be formed. The left is a participant in a corrupt electoral system. Mounted to be corrupt. A regime corrupted in itself. When politics becomes a privilege, it’s a corrupt system. The left, instead of questioning it there, tries to adapt. The politics of the left in general are all based on this system: be realistic and play the game the way the right does. Realism here is not realism at all, it’s just a way to jump into a game that can only result in something disastrous for the country. The federation and the electoral system are a dead end, quicksand, the more you move the more you sink.”

Pimenta draws attention to the fact that the left does not take a stand on these frequent changes in electoral rules, demonstrating that he is not aware of the extremely anti-democratic system existing in the country.

About the possibility of Alckmin becoming Lula’s deputy, the president of the PCO considers that, given the carriage’s floor, this does not seem to be a serious proposal, but rather a provocation. Indicating that the chances of the union of the left around Lula’s candidacy are getting smaller. The leader believes that we will have an election with few possibilities. Apparently, the dispute will be between Bolsonaro, Moro, Dória and Lula: “if the most important thing is to defeat this gang, why don’t they decide to support Lula? Why don’t they” concluded the communist. At that moment, any agreement between the PT and the left seems unfeasible, demonstrating that the bourgeoisie actually wants to isolate the Workers’ Party. For Rui, the unification of the left should take place on the basis of class interest, the interest of the working class.

The chairperson also commented on international issues.

Regarding the situation in Ukraine, involving Russia and NATO, President Vladimir Putin was emphatic in not admitting the placement of missiles in Ukraine. There was a dialogue with the Americans, delaying the development of the issue until mid-January. The Americans use the justification that Russia is interfering with Ukraine’s independence, when in fact, NATO is trying to use Ukraine to attack Russia. NATO policy points to war and the current situation clearly demonstrates that Russia is in a defensive position.

Rui Costa Pimenta linked the events involving Ukraine-Russia-NATO, the China-Taiwan conflict, the electoral outcome in Chile and the Brazilian situation with the increasingly aggressive action of imperialism. “The Biden government is proving to be one of the greatest threats to the planet. It is clear that we are facing a general project, a joint operation” said RCP.

To carry out this policy, the United States needs great cohesion in its own country and in its satellite countries, and it is not possible for countries in Latin America to have nationalist leaders who can ally themselves with the Russians or Chinese. Traditionally, the nationalism of backward countries adopts a popular policy, as the fragile national bourgeoisie needs the support of the working class to face imperialism.

The PCO leader highlighted that the newly elected president of Chile, Gabriel Boric, was very clear in declaring himself against the current regime in Nicaragua, Cuba and Venezuela. Chile is proving to be the first country that is putting in power a left subservient to imperialism. “It is a left that communes with imperialism” he said. The Boulos case, denounced by the PCO, points to the financing of this left by imperialism.

Comrade Rui Costa Pimenta concluded the analysis by answering questions and super chats from the internet users who followed the broadcast live.

COTV has confirmed that next Saturday, January 1, 2022, we will have a new weekly policy analysis, this time at 5 pm Brasília time.

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