Alckmin: Electoral calculus or renal calculus?

Those who defend Lula’s ticket with Alckmin say that an electoral calculus must be made, that Alckmin could articulate supports to bring votes to Lula. All supporters of this policy, whether left or right, want to deceive the population by miseducating the people’s mathematical calculus. 

An elementary math class, more specifically physics, or vector kinematics is needed here. It’s more advanced discipline, yes. But, like politics, that’s why it’s beyond the reach of those who are content with common sense and catch phrases. Yeah, just like in politics, I need to study.

Arithmetic, which is the branch of mathematics that studies numbers and operations performed by adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing, is not the operation that will give the most results. exact statements of this policy. To approximate the real result of this equation we have to use vector kinematics. Despite the name, we’ll see that it’s not that difficult to understand what’s going on .

Lula and Alckmin fit together almost perfectly in the addition of two vectors that have the same direction, but diametrically opposite directions, which in this case will immediately make the addition turn into a subtraction.

The social classes represented in this equation are antagonistic, the bourgeoisie pulls one way and we workers pull the other. Therefore, the resultant in this case will not be an accumulation of forces for the workers, however small it might be. On the contrary, the resultant, as in a vector equation, will be the brutal reduction of Lula’s force, opening the way for the bourgeoisie to be able to introduce some other force vector, which at this moment does not present itself, but which could be a João Doria, or even Bolsonaro, who, through the direct influence of Alckmin’s negative vector, may depend on the machinations of imperialism to overtake Lula. 

The defenders of the addition of the left with the imperialist right, completely make up and mask the values ​​that may represent Geraldo Alckmin, as well as indicate the wrong formula to arrive at the true values ​​of this equation between Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the chayote popsicle, Geraldo Alckmin.

 After 33 years serving the most predatory sector of the bourgeoisie, imperialism, the former governor of São Paulo left the PSDB and is studying the best situation to make himself available to the bourgeoisie for the vector kinematics of the class struggle against Lula. Alckmin, who already had his name widely circulated to the PSB, is also negotiating with PV and Solidariedade and even the possibility of União Brasil, which would be a merger between PSL and DEM.  

 Alckmin’s entry as Lula’s deputy is interpreted by sectors of the petty-bourgeois left as if it were a turn to the left, a kind of evolution to the left, since the The PSB (Brazilian Socialist Party) was the first possibility and now the Solidarity of Paulinho da Força Sindical, the biggest employers’ union central in the country, created by FIESP, and the Green Party also appear. In other words, an admittedly neoliberal, repressive and privatizing politician, admittedly linked to Opus Dei, denounced nationally and internationally for numerous crimes, such as violent repossessions, police repression of secondary and university teachers and students, privatizations, fiscal austerity, wage squeezes, public-private partnerships, cuts in strikers’ salaries, massive imprisonment of poverty, assassinations and massacres committed by the Military Police, as if by magic, would be shifting to the left in the party-political scenario.  

Throughout this policy, Alckmin’s vector of forces does not enlist millions of votes for Lula, on the contrary, it takes away the votes of millions of workers who over the years of psdebista governments felt on the skin the brutal iron heel of the bourgeoisie to annihilate the working class.

No, Alckmin is not moving to the left, his force vector is from the extreme right, he is one of the force vectors of the bourgeoisie, opposite to Lula, who because of his bases is the driving force of the working class.  

 But the petty bourgeois left, represented by Marcelo freixo, who has been with Flávio Dino for some time at the PSB, had at the beginning of last week, with Renato Pereira, marketer of Freixo, in support of his mistaken mathematical conception that the addition of Alckmin as vice-president Lula’s (PT) slate will be something positive. It will be very positive for the Brazilian and international imperialist bourgeoisie.  

Renato Pereira, a renowned marketer among capitalists, said that the union between them would bear the weight of the Letter to the Brazilian People signed in 2002 by the PT. The document, released in 2002, symbolized Lula’s approach to the financial market (read, bourgeoisie), his commitment to respect, when elected, the impositions of the big capitalists, the domination of foreign banks and speculators over the economy. 

“Alckmin adds to Lula the ability to represent a moderate, generous cause that seeks unity. In the context of disunity that the country lives, the stronger the representation of the union, the more capacity you have to win. Gestures are worth more than words. Alckmin is the ‘Letter to the Brazilian People’ of 2022”, said the marketer from Freixo. 

All of these factors, or vectors, undermine Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva’s powerful force vector, sabotaging and weakening. 

The only negative calculus that this union will generate for Lula will be a painful and perhaps deadly kidney stone for the greatest political leadership of workers in the country.  

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