The war in Ukraine is about survival

On the 24th of February, Russian President Vladimir Putin began an operation against the Ukrainian Nazi militias and their government. The Russians entered Ukrainian territory and destroyed military targets with relative ease. The intention is not to occupy the country, but to dismantle the local government, elected during the fascist coup of Maidan Square, and destroy the Nazi militias. Such militias are the main points of NATO’s military support in Ukraine. Several photos went through the internet of Nazis brandishing the Azov Battalion’s flag, the armed militia, side by side with NATO’s flag. This battalion uses violence against Russian minorities in the Donbass region and Crimea.

The war was caused by the U.S. attempt, through the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), to intimidate the Russians by pressuring Ukraine to incorporate the organization. Since its creation, with 12 countries, NATO has reached 30 countries nowadays. reach 30 member countries. Among those 30 members are the Eastern European countries which was as incorporated gradually to the organization and now present a great threat to Russia. They surround Russia with enemy military bases. Though this should be considered enough reason for Russia’s retaliation, the main wing of imperialism, represented by Joe Biden and the Democrat Party, proposes the incorporation to NATO of Ukraine and Georgia, once allied of the Russians. Raising concerns to Russia’s security that could not be disregarded.

The petty bourgeoisie that stands against Russian invasion or declares neutrality, accuses Russians of imperialism and territorial expansion. They do not understand two very important concepts of Marxism: first that Russia is nowhere near a developed capitalist country. It is in fact, a country that sells commodities, without any control over the world economy. Russia is not able to attack or be aggressive towards the imperialists. Any approach can only be seen as self-defence; second that every war between an imperialist country and a backward country is a matter of survival for the backward country.
The left accuses Russia of killing people and says that every war is unjustified. This statement is far from the truth. Justified wars do exist. It happens when countries need to defend themselves against the imperialist subjugation. Related to this, the Bolshevik revolutionary Gregory Zinoviev wrote:

“Yes (justified wars do exist), but only in two cases. The first case would be the the war carried out by the proletariat in which the revolution has triumphed in a country, to defend socialism against other states representing the regime capitalist. The second – a war carried out by China, India or similar countries who are oppressed by the imperialism from other lands and are fighting for their independence against these powerful Imperialists.”

The criticism that “people are dying” in this war is completely empty of content. Unfortunately, people die in war, it’s the literal definition of war. Putin sought to avoid conflict, negotiated with imperialists, but they wanted to provoke and put pressure on the Russian government. With no alternative left, Russia was forced to intervene.

We must put ourselves in defence of the Russian government against imperialism. And repeat this same position whenever there is a conflict between oppressed and oppressive. The imperialist bourgeoisie is the world’s greatest force, anyone who faces it will bring its weakness to light which is highly beneficial for the working class from the whole world.

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