Why Putin is right to invade Ukraine

(Worker’s Cause Party Politic Note – Analysis, number 371, 6th to 12th March 2022)

We entered the second week of Russian military action in Ukraine, a event that is resonating and will have repercussions on the policy of all countries around the world.

The first fact that deserves attention is the poll in the ONU Extraordinary Assembly, regarding a resolution against the Russian operation that showed enormous resistance to the imperialism policy. More than 50 countries refused to approve the resolution – among countries that abstained, did not vote or vote against – are nations such as Venezuela, China, Cuba, Bolivia, Kazakhstan. It is noteworthy that this means a significant number of votes opposed to imperialism –about 25%. this expressive opposition came amid great pressure from imperialism, also, where Russia had not held an advantageous position.

What all these reveals is that two huge blocks are taking shape, which are increasingly distant from each other. On the one hand, the imperialism, formed by the great monopolies, that control the world economy. On the other the nationalist tendencies of the late countries, which no longer are able to stand imperialist oppression and who are trying to put a brake on their domination.

The appearance of these blocks is a symptom of political conflicting side, that is when the political centre — which gives stability to the domination of the bourgeoisie — dissolves.

The installation of these disputing sides in turn, is a sign that the world is entering a revolutionary situation, which is, as Lenin defined it, “when the ones above cannot master as before”. At the extent that the mechanisms of domination weaken, the class struggle intensifies, imposing more aggressive measures from the dominators to the increasingly energetic reactions by the dominated.

The problem of political antagonistic sides, which is a global phenomenon, penetrated into all layers of the Brazilian political situation. This is obviously reflected within the Brazilian left wing Itself.

The phenomenon that came out was the immense effort by the majority of these influent left wing public figures to attribute to Russia, a number of negative characteristics. Although they criticize NATO, they seek to show Putin as a dictator, an aspiring tsar, a foolish, reactionary person, etc. This shows an attempt by these leaders to contain their audience, which have a very strong tendency to support Russia, expressing this polarization. In doing so, these leaders end up acting as appendices of the right scammer, who is campaigning frantically against Russia.

One of the arguments for criticizing Russia is allegedly philosophical — criticism of what is commonly being called “Manichaeism”. That is, by criticizing NATO, which is a public enemy of the entire left, this movement should also criticize the other side of the conflict, that being Vladimir Putin’s government, so that would achieve a balanced conception of the problem.

Nonetheless the “Manichaeism” allegation is valid only in philosophy, in the sense that it would be necessary to see a problem under different angles, but in politics, a force based in facts, Manichaeism loses its content. In fact, the more the class struggle intensifies, the more it defines itself as the struggle between two opposite fields. The “us against them” is the best finished expression of the political struggle in this moment, of greatest concentration.

Another frequent argument is that Russian military action would be an imperialist incursion. However, this conception is an aberration for anyone who considers himself Marxist and a statement of total ignorance of the Russian economy. Putin’s initiatives to annex Chechnya and Ukraine is not an imperialist policy, but a defensive policy, a mere military operation. Imperialist policy in the current stage is not seeking to annex territories — the conquest of countries is not a need to the imperialism. Not least, because besides being a costly operation as well as unnecessary, truly powerful countries control the world through the economy. The United States controls everything that happens in Brazil without ever having to invade the country.

Vladimir Putin himself, in one of his most recent statements, clarified the reason for the operation in Ukraine: he realized that once Ukraine entering NATO, it would be too difficult to stop the conflict. Russia would be in a much more unfavorable situation, and vulnerable. If the Russian government did not know how to exploit the contradictions and weaknesses of imperialism as well as seize the moment to defensively invade Ukraine, they would be making it easier for imperialism to give another a step to corner Russia and fragment it into countless pieces, their real goal.

Although the Russian government appears to be in control of the situation at the moment, nothing indicates that we are moving to stability. Imperialism needs to follow its offenses against Russia and China to try to contain the global crisis, which is increasingly fleeing out of their hands. Part of this offense is already on its way mainly in Europe, where there is a furious campaign against the Russian people and culture. It is actually a xenophobic campaign, similar to what was carried out against the Jews in the World War II.

What is positive about the conflict, however, is that, to the extent that a backward country faces the imperialism, it weakens it. And while the imperialist system becomes weaker, the situation becomes more favourable for the world revolution.

Politic Note – Analysis, edition 371,6th to 12th March 2022

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