NATO sends ships to Eastern Europe to threaten Russia

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The crisis between Russia and the imperialism had another development this week when NATO-the imperialism military group- sent warships to the region. This action was a clear threatening towards Russia and its struggle to keep away the imperialism influence over the countries in the region. In addition, Joe Biden threatened to send thousands of U.S. troops.  

The question posed in relation to Ukraine is the dispute between imperialism, which aims to maintain dominance over the eastern European region, and the backcountries, symbolized mainly by Russia, which seek to expel the parasites and combat their control over the region. 

The situation in Ukraine became especially tense after imperialist countries overthrew Ukrainian President in 2014; in response to US and European interference, Russia annexed Crimea. Since then, the situation has become increasingly tense, and a military conflict is increasingly imminent; earlier this year, Russia mobilized troops to the border with Ukraine, which escalated the crisis. 

Although Russia is an oppressed country, it is also regional power, which disrupts the imperialism hegemony. The imperialism attacks and fights Russia through NATO, this military imperialism arm has increased its interference over countries that are usually closer to Russia. This is not an “offensive war” from the part of Russia, but rather a national liberation of the Russians against successive incursions promoted by the imperialism.  

Whereas, in the context of military weakness of the United States and the rest of the country as a whole – as evidenced, for example, in the expulsion of these from Afghanistan – it is politically important for the US to maintain the image of warlike power. Otherwise, if his military weakness were to show, there could be a wave of revolutions in countries oppressed against the dominance exercised by imperialism. 

The imperialism but even more the United State has been seen their image seriously jeopardized over the years, the most recent crisis, the withdrawal from Afghanistan, more like U.S. expulsion from Afghanistan, has raised questions all over the world about the warlike power of the USA. This represents a threat to imperialism. If their military weakness becomes evident, there could be a wave of revolutions in countries oppressed against the imperialism dominance.  

As Russia mobilize its troops to the borders, NATO has responded sending warships to the region in an attempt to defend Ukraine’s puppet government in the possibility of war, besides to intimidate Russia.  

NATO’s pursuits are to keeping the imperialism and mostly the U.S. warlike power appearance above any suspicion, as an institution impossible to be defeated. Also, to keep Ukraine under their control and with this country the rest of Eastern Europe. In the event of a successful Russian crusade, all Eastern Europe would tend to desert the Americans and Europeans.  

With such predicaments it is very unlikely that NATO will retreat, impelling a conflict with Russia at any time. The act of arming Ukraine with warships is a clear indication of this fact. It is a way to threaten the Russians. In addition, Biden’s administration has directed Americans living in the region leave it, as well as calling back its diplomats, action followed by UK’s government.  

All that was exposed here indicates that the U.S. and its allies are preparing for war in the region in order to maintain its exploit over these countries. If Russia strikes, it will only be defending itself from imperialism. It is important to clarify that the conflict in the region began with a coup in 2014 which result in a government completely submitted to the imperialism through NATO; moreover, it is worth remembering that every war waged by a backward country against an imperialist country is, first of all, a war for its national liberation, against the oppression perpetrated by them. 

In other words, a possible war between Russia and NATO because of the conflicts in the region, even if Russia will start it, has for Russia the role of defending its sovereignty; it is the result of the incessant attacks of imperialist countries against their self-determination and against regional self-determination.  

The United States is arming Kiev government extensively and everything indicates that it will continue to use Ukraine to attack Russia. The war for the USA has the meaning to show their domination over the world population, to strengthen its image of domination along the oppressed, to this extent, the war, becomes probable. The movement of Russian troops are a way for the country to defend itself and tensions are increasingly likely to rise in the next period.  

In the event of a war, the imperialism decay will be transparent, both from a political and military point of view. In case of a defeat of the imperialism it will represent a great victory for all those oppressed by them. It will allude a huge advance in the struggle for the liberation of all oppressed countries in the world.    

Therefore, the crisis between US and Russia is likely to end in armed conflict. The imperialism side is determined to defend their influence and domination over Eastern Europe, whereas Russia is fighting for liberation, against the oppression inflicted by NATO towards these backwards countries. It is imperative the conclusion that an eventual war will not be an offensive attack from Russia, even if it is formally initiated by Russia, but rather a defense of itself and its people from the imperialism. 

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